About Us

As the first company manufacturing cinema hall seats in Iran, Rezco Decoration and Cinema Furniture Co. was established in 1967 by Mr. Hossein Rezaei. Since then, our company has changed into a multi-purpose company with nearly 150 employees, sales agents and after-sales services staff. Since 1967, our activity has begun in Iran in the market of equipments of theaters, training centers and so forth. After entering discussion of designing and implementing decoration of halls, increase in our sales and market share was beyond all predictions.

Rezco Industrial Group, the manufacturer of amphitheater, cinema and office seats, is regarded as the largest and most reliable active company in Iran. Benefiting from High Knowledge, successful experience, as well as coherent and purposeful management has changed this company into one unique company in Iran. Products of the company (with ergonomic and unique design, elegance, strength, financial advantage, and 5-year guarantee) have covered well the demand of buyers and the market need, and satisfied the needs of its customers.


Mission (Existential Statement) Rezco Industrial Group With enthusiasm and pride, we determine to design, produce and supply kinds of decoration and general furniture, as well as be active in related markets, with using modern, advanced technologies, with the highest reliability with respect to similar products, along with observing the exalted human principles, quality, ergonomic and environmental standards around the world. Vision The most pioneer Iranian company to provoke all customers with all tastes through presenting the best and most interesting decoration and general furniture.